Knitted human figure

Human beings. It is a superior creature with developed and complex thoughts.
At the same time, it is a silly creature that uses its high intelligence for personal gain.
It will think and push for anything to get what it wants.

I couldn’t help but associate that with our mass production and consumption of clothing that causing lots of issues in this world.
I expressed that almost helpless feeling towards us, using no longer used clothings that I collected from my friends.
The unique chunks of knitting represents the inner workings of the complex human brain and its thoughts.

-Weaving  -Linen and wool yarns  -45 x 65cm


Usui is a period of term from February 19 to March 6 in Japan.

Just when you think you are out of full-blown winter, what falls from the sky turns from snow to rain, melting ice to water.
The days are still cold, but preparations for spring are steadily underway. In the soil, various organisms starts to sense the rainwater that soak into the earth.and gradually awaken from their sleep. This anticipation of spring is going on here and there deep in the soil,